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a man called Hasan Ali Akleh

a man called Hasan Ali Akleh
On 26th January 2011 a man called Hasan Ali Akleh poured petrol over his head and set fire to himself according to eyewitnesses the action was in protest of the Syrian government tensions started to mount and people started to talk openly about change.

(Photo is not of Hasan but I wanted to illustrate just how desperate people become and how far they will go to get their points across, this man wanted his government to recognize electro-homeopathy an alternative medicine a practice that he studied at university for many years)

Two days after the lone protest by Ali Akleh on 28th January 2011 a demonstration took place protesting about the death of 2 kurdish soldiers killed by Tensions were mounting and news was spreading through Syria like wild fire at the injustice of these 3 men.

The 2011 Syrian Uprising Timeline To Date

2nd February 2011 a group of 20 people in civilian clothing beat and dispersed 15 people who had been holding a candlelight vigil at Bab Tuma in Damascus for Egyptian demonstrators

3rd February 2011 a protest took place called 'A Day of Rage' this was the start of the uprising to what we are seeing today The syrians are demanding political reform!

17th February 2011 A spontaneous demonstration broke out outside Al-Hamidiyah Souq in Damascus, to protest the police beating of a local shop owner. Several men gathered and blocked a road, while chanting that "The Syrian people will not be humiliated". An eyewitness estimated that there were more than 1,500 demonstrators

22nd-23rd February about 200 people gathered outside the Libyan embassy in Damascus to protest against the Libyan regime, and ask that the ambassador resign. Despite the peaceful demonstration, there were nearly twice as many secret and uniformed police as there were protesters.

6th March A number of young boys under 15 years of age were arrested in Daraa, for writing on the walls of the city a slogan of the 2010"11 Arab uprisings that: "the people want to overthrow the regime".

7th March, 13 Syrian political prisoners went on a hunger strike to protest against "political detentions and oppression" in Syria. They demanded an end to political arrests, the removal of injustices, and the restitution of rights that had been removed from civil and political life.

10th March, dozens of jailed Kurds in Syria, from the Yakiti party and from the Democratic Union, started a hunger strike in solidarity with other activists who had also initiated hunger strikes in a prison near Damascus three days earlier

12-13th March Thousands of Syrian Kurds in al-Qamishli and in al-Hasakah protested on the day of Kurdish martyr, which is an annual event since 2004, when many Syrian kurds died in anti-government demonstrations

15th March Simultaneous demonstrations took place in major cities across Syria. Thousands of protestors gathered in al-Hasakah, Daraa, Deir ez-Zor, and Hama. There were some clashes with security, according to reports from dissident groups. In Damascus, a smaller group of 200 men grew spontaneously to about 1,500 men

16th March Syrian authorities forcibly dispersed a crowd composed of 200 demonstrators in front of the Syrian Interior Ministry. al-Arabiya reported that the protesters were a mix of activists and jurists, writers, journalists, young academics, and family members to people detained in Syrian prisons.

18th March On 18 March the most serious unrest to take place in Syria for decades erupted.After online calls for a "Friday of dignity" after Friday prayers, thousands of protesters demanding an end to alleged government corruption took to the streets of cities across Syria. The protesters were met with a violent crackdown orchestrated by state security forces. The protesters chanted "God, Syria, Freedom" and anti-corruption slogans

19th MarchSyrian security forces fired tear gas to disperse crowds in Daraa following the funeral of two anti-government protesters killed by security forces on the previous day.The crowds had been shouting "God, Syria, freedom" before the security forces intervened

March 20th Thousands took to the streets in the city of Daraa for a third day, shouting slogans against the country's emergency law. One person was killed and scores injured as security forces opened fire on protesters.[91] The courthouse, the Baath party headquarters in the city, and Rami Makhlouf's Syriatel building were all set on fire

21st March Protests started to spread further across the country.Thousands of people took to the streets in Daraa and troops were sent to the city.Hundreds of people protested in Jassem and there were reports of protests in Banias, Homs and Hama

22nd March There were protests in Daraa, Jassem, Nawa and Sanamayn

23rd March There were reports that at least 15 protesters had been killed by security forces in southern Syria

24th MarchAround 20,000 protesters marched at the funerals of nine protesters killed by security forces in Daraa

25th March After new online calls to a big demonstration after Friday prayers named "Friday of Glory" tens of thousands took to the streets in protest around the nation, defying a state that has once again demonstrated its willingness to use lethal force. Military troops opened fire during protests in the southern part of Syria and killed peaceful demonstrators, according to witnesses and news reports.

26th March 200 political prisoners were released.In the cities of Latakia and Tafas, Baath party buildings and police stations were set on fire

27th March Syrian officials reported that 12 people were killed in Latakia

1st April After online calls for a "Friday of martyrs" thousands of protesters emerged from Friday's prayers and took to the streets in multiple cities around Syria. Security forces opened fire on about 1,000 protesters in the suburb of Damascus, Douma, killing eight. In Damascus, hundreds gathered in Al Rifai mosque to protest after Friday prayers; however, government forces reportedly sealed the mosque and attacked those who tried to leave.

2nd April - 30th April The military increased their presence with more tanks and military helicopters. Snipers were positioned on buildings. Tanks began firing indiscriminately on houses, and also destroyed the local mosque. Snipers and military vehicles were also placed in other cities in the country such as Homs

1st May - 10th May The Syrian army began a siege on Tafas,Baniyas, Daraa,Hama (Assad's security forces 'allegedly' killed civilians elsewhere in the town of Tel Kalakh.

To Date

The European Union imposed sanctions on 13 government individuals including Maher al-Assad, Bashar's brother who commands the security brigades.Kuwait will also replace Syria for bid on membership of the UN human rights council due to Syria's oppression of protesters

Increased Global Awareness

There are unconfirmed reports that a few days ago up to 100 civillians were taken from their homes on suspicion of taking part in demonstrations by the Syrian Army and shot dead in front of their loved ones. This type of brutal dictatorship strategy is what is turning the tide and literally forcing not only the main stream media to stand up and pay attention but the world globally.

With the relentless growing demonstrations comes international growing support and global awareness. Of course with all its eyes focusing on Libya lately, the main stream media were ignoring the Sryians plight to change

Up until now that is.

The 'unwanted' international attention the Syrian Regime has attracted due to its ramped up its brutal campaign to quash these demonstrations can no longer be ignored and the fact that hundreds of innocent people are dying simply cannot go unnoticed

NATOS focus at the moment is on Libya and of course IMHO its oil reserves when gadaffi is toppled and the black gold is secured it will not be long until the west focuses its attention on Syria, all in the name of 'liberation' of course.

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